Adjusting and Getting Back Into the Hustle n Flow

Though the picture may seem unrelated, it's one of my favorites from comic-con this year! This week is the first of getting back into the flow of things because I've been out and sick for about 2 1/2 weeks. I swear this has been one of the longest months and it's not even over yet. Though traveling, scheduling, work and getting sick this month has made things quite challenging, it was also quite the epic month. I kicked off the month traveling then had family visiting from Canada and Germany and the mr. also came into town. That's the thing with being out of your routine for a couple weeks, whether due to vacation or just time off, it's quite jarring. During the time I had pneumonia, I absolutely cut off most online and outside life interactions and mainly was married to my bed for days on end. It's not pleasant, I clearly remember laying there staring at the ceiling and wondering how it was possible to feel so miserable and not die.

I haven't figured out if it's a good or bad thing, but like everything else in life, it's never hard to fall back into routine again. I remember saying goodbye to family, the mr, being sick and now instantly finding my work load, schedule and list of things to do right where I left them. Not that there was much to catch up on, but it was just slipping the right gear back into motion. The truth is I don't think I enjoy long durations without productivity. This doesn't necessarily have to entail work, but just something rewarding for the time invested. For me my life is going back to the period where nothing mattered but art, school, work and fitness activities.

I often hear people sighing about needing another vacation to wind down from a vacation, or just to settle back into things. I think that's because for the many of us, we live these lives of extremities that exist in a realm of working tirelessly in a mundane routine for most of the year just to enjoy two weeks of nothing. For the most part I've learned and have integrated into my course of living to just enjoy a bit of something everyday and week.

Some routines are grand but others are dangerous to the human spirit.

Tonight it's more rock climbing and probably sketch work. I'll be spending most of the weekend re-working my web and print portfolio, hitting the gym, playing games and reading comics from the con. I may even hit the beach to catch some waves.

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