Don't Want to Grow Up?


Every year we all celebrate this bittersweet personal holiday of aging called a " birthday."  For every person over 18, no matter what generation they are in, I always hear nostalgic comments about how life was so much better as a kid.

Whenever I think of my childhood, there are magical details I remember such as my mom reading to me, seeing the world from an innocent awe and the freedom to be careless and fun. Through stressful days of responsibilities, survival and consistently tackling ambitions, I can definitely empathize as to why the grass of childhood seems so much greener.

As much as I get nostalgic, just like everyone else older than me, about how things were so much better in my younger days, I can't help but wonder if any of us really remember what childhood was really like? Upon heavier reflection, I can honestly say I may still be a kid, but I'm sure glad I grew up. 

Here are my reasons why I'm glad I'm not a kid anymore and why being an adult is actually quite fun. 

- FREEDOM!  People have fought and died for this very word, freedom and for a good majority of our lives we don't have it.  I love that I have the freedom to sleep whenever I want, go wherever I want and eat whatever I want.  I think there are still times that I'll have cheetohs or bubble tea for breakfast, just because I can. 

- Financial responsibility.  Adults often look at this as a bad thing, but for those of you with collector's edition anything, high end accessories or a kick-ass entertainment system, remember that none of that would have been possible for you as a kid. 
- Ratings? Who cares!  It's quite the experience to be able to enjoy a movie without a pair of hands covering your eyes during an "inappropriate scene" such as kissing and etc. 
- Wearing what I want.  So many times when I was kid, I wanted to wear some sort of ridiculous ensemble and I always figured no mater how terrible I would have looked, I was a kid so no one would remember or care. 
- Back to those toys.  Some things never change, I still collect transformers, comic books and play video games but the difference?  I can buy whichever one I want without having to ask for permission. 

I'll always miss my mom's daily cooking and playing outside in the school yard with friends but I must say as much as being a kid was great, being an adult with a young heart is beyond GRAND. 

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