Beloved Blackberry Messenger (BBM)


Before dashing into work, I had to stop to pick up some morning mocha to get the gears going.  It's such an interesting spectacle when you get a room of professionals together with their gadgets.  The gal behind the counter began commenting on a fellow patron's Blackberry and asks "do you use BBM?" This is only the second person I've ever heard say this, the first is my g/f Elena, "I really only use it as a phone."  Now I'm usually one to mind my business, but this was one of those conversations I had to chime in on.  I instantly replied "NOOOO, you have to use your Blackberry to its full potential."

The next sequence of events including us comparing Blackberrys, me showing where the icon is and talking about how fabulous this computing peripheral is.  You see, I had an iphone.. I should have taken it as a hint when I lost it 3 times (but it kept finding its way back to me, even on a plane from philly).  What I miss about the iphone?  The internet, the music player, the large screen and probably ... the internet.   What I don't miss?  The sucky battery life, horrible speaker, fingerprints on my screen and not having buttons.

What made RIM GENIUS in this culture of phones they created was similar to what Apple created with the iphone, a subculture.  Blackberry's subculture was the BBM.. that without having to sign in anywhere, you could IM anyone on any network with a data plan and a Bberry!  GENIUS. hahah.

Just that encounter solidified what a neurotic nut I am about my phone.  I blog from it, listen to music on it, access Facebook, tweet on it and even make phone calls some times :)
\ Via "on the go"

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