a Goyard Christmas and a Lesson on Customer Service.

I always get this feeling with commercialism and demand for luxury goods expanding that the personal touch was long gone.  There are few companies that thrive on the exclusive and personal experience with the customers and Goyard is one of those brands.  I posted recently (Mark of the Holidays) on the mark of each season begins with receiving an impressive catalog and hand written note from Carolina Herrera.  Well, not too long ago I contacted Goyard in San Francisco to inquire on a particular bag and the colors they had available.  In addition to sending me real photos taken in the store, the sales person also sent me a hand written note addressing me as "Chere Ms. Le" with contact info and a few kind words.  Very nice touch!  It makes it so that if I were to purchase, I would probably prefer to order from the San Francisco store as opposed to the one in L.A.

This just goes to show how that personal touch, goes a long way.  That's one thing smaller stores have always had in advantage to the larger corporate chains, but big companies have definitely caught on to the idea of "communicating personally to the masses", utilizing techniques of social media such as twitter and such.
Many have told me that all high end brands cater with detail to justify the exorbitant prices on their items, but I disagree.  Aside from the sales people I have grown to know personally from local Gucci, Burberry or Louis Vuitton boutiques, visiting other stores is most often a disappointing experience.  It's so random, some people help you, and others just look at you and walk away.

The one store I absolutely HATE for customer service is the Hugo Boss in Fashion Valley San Diego.  My last visit with them was the only positive experience I've ever had.  Usually I walk in and they magically disappear to another room.. I look at it this way, whether a customer is purchasing a $50 item, fixing a shoe or just browsing, customer service is like branding, it should be consistent.
Here are some of my favorite stores all across the branding chain (no particular order) that have always been kind to me.

Banana Republic - La Jolla (San Diego)
Kenneth Cole - Union Square (San Francisco)
Armani Exchange - Union Square (San Francisco), Fashion Valley (San Diego)
Hermes - Fashion Valley (San Diego)
Gucci - Fashion Valley (San Diego) (ask for Noella)
Burberry - Fashion Valley (San Diego) (ask for Danny)
Cotton On - Fashion Valley (San Diego) Inexpensive cotton items, great service.
H&M - Irvine Spectrum
Bloomingdales - Southcoast Plaza (no idea why the one in San Diego is terrible)
For those that want to visit the Hugo Boss in San Diego, only one sales person has been helpful (William)

So with that, happy holiday shopping and don't grant those un-deserving of your business!

\ Via "on the go"

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