a Holiday of Noms - Harney Sushi


It's only been a few days since I've posted anything and it feels like forever!  The sequence of holiday events has taken me away from the net and had me just relaxing, eating, watching some tv and baking probably the worst souffle I've ever baked.  haha. Of all times, when I never screw up a souffle, it had to be during Christmas dinner that I created this mud, custard, deflation of a mess. 

Had great family time, exchanged presents and just caught up since I've been insanely busy with work and finishing up projects. 

To celebrate my girlfriend's 40th bday, a bunch of us headed to dinner last night to "Harney's Sushi", man oh man, about 8 giant plates of specialty rolls later (rolls royce, bt roll, marshall roll, flaming lips, etc) , 3 plates of Hamachi Sashimi and who knows how many bottles of Lychee Sake, it was a very delectable night of good eats!

\ Via "on the go"

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