Leaving on a Jetplane

I have this love hate relationship with travelling and airports. For some reason even on the first day of my vacay, work still takes prescedence, hey better to take care of important things now then have a massive pile when I get back. As for airports, I always find travelers highly inefficient. It's always the mom with nineteen bags, football team of kids, or the man with a laptop/camera bag n briefcase OR the gal wearing boots with a hundred laces, that hold up the security line. I may not pack light, but I definitely carry-on light! I've never understood the people that have huge carry-on suitcases and fight with othere for cabin space. Some of my flying essentials include:
- a large pashmina, scarf/shawl that can cover my eyes or double as a blanket. Airplane blankets are gross. - dremamine for my motion sickness
- a camera and ipod. I have a feeling it's going to be very cold during this week and on new years, where I'm going but I'm excited for a fabu week! Sent via Blackberry at&t

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