My Love - A Scarf


Anyone that knows me knows that my quintessential accessory is the scarf and its many forms.  Small square neck ties, triangles, shawls, wraps, bandeau and more.  Not only are they indefinitely versatile but they also, like a bow on a present, completely accent any style.

Whether on my purse, on my wrist, around my shoulders or on my neck, it's one thing I always like to keep handy.  I was completing my Christmas shopping last night and was in Saks 5th Ave (for their sale) and had this conversation with this beautiful Italian, model'esque, salesperson about how not enough women appreciate the scarf.  In fact many gals our age (below 30) find the scarf a little too mature.  She then continued to tell me that in Italy, she grew up watching her mom sort through scarves and that even her niece wears them in an array of ways. 

I've always been perplexed as to how women will spend hundreds to thousands on a purse but not even a quarter of that on a good scarf or shoe (though the shoe thing is an entirely different blog). 
So, in xmas shopping for everyone else, I was able to snag an amazing deal on this Emilio Pucci scarf for only $60 (from $150).  It's a smaller size with blue tones, which I've been looking for to tie to my vintage YSL tote and for my wrist.  I love the muted print in comparison to Pucci's usual vibrant colors and massive swirls. 

Call me old for loving my Ferragamo Varas, and rocking the scarf, but I think it's mighty fabu :)
Hermes has two great books on the various ways to wear a scarf here.

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