Survival of the Fittest - Why I hate Being Sick


Aside from obvious reasons, like my body aching as if someone just beat me up, or the constant coughing, headaches, fevers and lack of sleep, it's the lack of productivity that makes me hate being being sick.
As the ironic, cruel world and this horrendous man named "Murphy" would have it, it's whenever I'm the least capable of accomplishing anything, that I get tasked with an abundance of projects. 

In example, this particular week is not only my finals week but also my last week in school ever!  I'm graduating very soon and cannot afford to have shoddy projects, poorly written papers or anything incomplete. 

In addition to this, my professional life takes no prisoners.  I'm not one to quit unless I'm utterly de-mobilized both mentally and physically (which was the case when I had Pneumonia).  That's the thing with the professional world, clients, bosses, partners, associates and collegues are all part of a well oiled engine and no one cares when one of those gears are rusted, because ultimately things have gotta get done. 

In interviews one of the questions I've always hated asking and receiving is "What's your worst quality?"  Particularly because most people never tell the truth.  You're not going to have someone admit "oh I used ot have a drinking problem" or "I have an anger problem".  But one thing I've always told potential employers is that my best quality is my worst.  "I will go without sleep, put my professional career almost above all things" and that "I fight through the pain (quoted from Marcus Fenix in Gears of War)."  I think you need a certain level of tenacity to succeed at any venture. 

So as I'm sitting through our photography critiques, handing in projects, and anticipating picking up files and etc from work, I have my zicam, cough drops, anti-inflammatory meds (for the fever and throat swelling), inhaler and hot coffee to tackle on this week. 

That's the thing, I always have this "survival of the fittest" mentality and that if I'm not well enough to take care of duties, then someone else better "fitted" will take my place.  Gotta stay hungry. 

\ Via "on the go"

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