This Week's Recap - Coffee Addiction at its Finest


This week was a week just like the last, where I was so insanely busy that the week has this adverse effect of feeling incredibly long.

Usually when there is an abundance of things to do, time flies but not in this case.  My previous week was filled with projects, finals and more.  This week at work was just an intense and endless list of project deadlines.  I do love it that way though.  I start becoming dysfunctional when I don't have a lot of things on my plate.  Because of the late nights, early mornings and the need to be able to focus on the fly, I've developed this love for coffee.  I never thought i'd be having an affair on bubble tea, but man I've actually been drinking more coffee than bubble tea.

To keep things interesting at work, I took my glittered skull that I got from Halloween and decorated him for the holidays.  As much as I work hard, I definitely play hard, so Edward (my glittering skull) will be there to keep me company.

With that, half time is over and it's back to watching the Saint's defense failing miserably against the Cowboys of all teams.  :P

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