a Battle in Re-Decorating


I've decorated my office space, our modernly inviting lounge and even have helped friends with wood grain color choices, curtains, rugs and more. Though when it comes to my own space, my sweet little studio in uptown San Diego, I've had this ongoing battle between geek and chic.

You see despite my love for fashion, sleek decor and all things beautiful and shiny, a very big part of my life's passions are sports, games, comic books and many things which are usually regarded as "boy" centric.  Cultivating my interest and desires, I'll look through Luxe catalogs and begin a mind collaboration of color swatches, textures, egyptian cotton sheets, artistic lamps and then look to my walls and realize I may not be ready for the extreme decor makeover.

You see currently my walls are covered UFC posters, a prized Street Fighter poster signed by Alvin Lee from comicon and another SF4 poster that was signed by the producer Yoshinori Ono.  My shelves are lined with an abundance of comic books, action figures and artbooks while my desk is covered with Transformers (masterpieces, g1's and classics).  I'm definitely not willing to for-go the bachelor feel of my estate but I do yearn for that zen like feeling you usually get when you walk into a modern well decorated place.

Perhaps I need to watch more episodes of cribs to get ideas on how football players and other stars integrate their obsession of collectibles into a well designed plan.

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