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I'm absolutely flabbergasted by how the internet has been a buzz lately since the death of Casey Johnson.  Everyone from RadarOnline to even Gawker (surprisingly) has been posting love and hate speculations in regards to Tila Tequila's relationship with Casey Johnson.  Many sites, Gawker included, has the stance that the relationship is a sham, that Tila is this fake celebrity, trash and that she's this nobody.  At the same time it makes me wonder, how does a supposedly "trashy nobody" get so much press then.

With so much focus on Tila, I can't help but be reminded of the rest of the "famous folks" in our media junk drawer:  The Gosselins (who I didn't even know who or why they were famous aside from having a football team of a family), The Hills cast, The Jersey Shore (which is so trashy I refuse to watch it), including the remaining handful of socialites that are merely famous for making sex tapes.  Gawker  makes an agreeable commentary that with this digital age, anyone can be famous and it's almost viral and impossible to rid of, but at the same time the focus on Tila is a bit pointless when you have a hojillion other famewhores, just as talentless that are getting press.

My biggest beef has always been with the forgiven over and over again celebs like Britney Spears.  You have talentless, lip syncing nut jobs that shave their heads, flash their snatch and stumble out of clubs repeatedly on multiple substances, that are granted world opportunities, while real artists that love their craft, have genuine talent are not even given a chance.  It's quite sad.

I'm sure I'm preaching the obvious but the constant media focus lately, has me slightly aggravated.  I'll agree that there's something utterly intriguing about watching a celeb fall apart into a hot mess, but what's worst the media outlets that report it, or the consumers who eat it up like chocolate.

The news, gossip blogs and etc have this innate habit of displaying the worst of people because apparently blood, sex, lies and drugs sell but I genuinely believe that the good can be equally as interesting, especially in a culture where almost everyone has some sort of shocking scandal.  For now I'll stick to my fashion, sports and art reads, but it would be nice to see a blog that highlighted the positive things going on in the world.
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