Louis Vuitton Fox Fur Tail Accessory- Obsession Continued


images via Bag Snob 
This has been an ongoing obsession of mine since last December when I saw images of Victoria Beckham in her messenger adorned by a colorful tail and tassels, and when Bryanboy posted envy worthy images of his bag, I've been having nothing but tail on the brain.

As much as I love the colorful accessory, I'm unsure about the bright colorful ombre gradient on the messenger. The Bag Snob posted a picture of a nude messenger that was a lot less electric as the others and actually quite lovely. 

Currently pricing for the messenger is at $3700 and for the Tail $1120 which means I'm taking the advice given prior and going the DIY route.  I ordered a white tail online, but it's missing the tassels and magic.  We shall see, I do want to see it in person and look at the colors and hardware. 

\ Via "on the go"

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