The Oh So Special Sports Friends

You would think in a world and culture of sports lovers it shouldn't bet that hard to find people to enjoy sports events with right?  Wrong!  So as I'm writing this blog, the one person (my first sports mate) who I can count on to catch Sunday games with me, enjoy a night of MMA talks with, and even debating which quarterback should retire or not, is packing up to head back to his home.  He'll be back, but as this weekend is the pro-bowl and Superbowl is the next.. I find it a horrid time to leave me. 

I'm usually not one to get too sentimental and mopey about companionship because truthfully I enjoy dinners and movies alone.  There's definitely something very nice about being comfortable enough in one's skin to enjoy walking solo from time to time.  But to me, the idea of spending Superbowl Sunday alone is comparable to those who find themselves depressed on Valentines Day or even New Years when counting down alone with Chinese food.  As this season wraps up, I look back and realize I've spent 90% of Sundays screaming at the TV with my dog with sporadic appearances from some friends who are also enthusiasts. 

What's hilarious is that as I'm writing this, I feel like one of those kids in high school that eats lunch in the bathroom but ONLY when in regards to sports.  What's even more comical is that I have no shortage of pals that are definite sports enthusiasts because come that Sunday, epic boxing match or UFC fight card, the texts, tweets, emails and calls flood in, all asking the same thing.. "What's the score" or "Who won."  It's such a bizarre thing because finding a group of individuals who genuinely love sports, to get together and watch an event, has become like hunting for the perfect pair of jeans.  You know they're out there, and once found it'll be the perfect fit in which you can wear all the time, but the efforts of trying on and looking is quite a task. 

I do have a few good pals I see from time to time that understand my passion and neurotic behavior during a game or match but since they live in different cities or don't all know each other it's not always a group activity.  I've come to envy the tailgaters and brotherhoods of boys that gorge themselves in food and beer while toasting every time a goal is scored, or comfort each other after a painful loss.  It's like a band of neurotic sports individuals that don't ridicule each other for being so nutty or what I would call passionate about a sport. 

So when the Colts faceoff against the Saints, or when Coleman faces off with Couture, I can't help but wonder where all the other sports lovers are...

So as a PS to my  first sports mate that's taking off, I'll miss screaming at bad calls with you and enjoy your trip back home.  See you soon, and possibly in the playoffs next season. 

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