Twitter wars, Tila Tequila vs Perez Hilton


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I'm always late on any gossip or news but one thing that twitter does is relay everything quite quickly, quicker than you can delete after posting sequential messages to someone.  I think one of the interesting things about twitter is that anyone following celebs can catch glimpses of realness in what they say at times.  I almost feel as if an entire VH1 show can be dedicated to the tweets that celebs make.  Twitter is the one place where celebs can personally keep in touch with the world and it's literally un-censored from their image professionals, PR confidantes, and etc.

For sometime now Perez Hilton and Tila Tequila have displayed their disdain for eachother, and since the passing of Casey Johnson have decided to take to twitter to brawl out their drama.

My thoughts is, someone just passed away, the finance of one, and a gossip topic of another.  Why not let the person rest in peace rather than spreading all this hate?

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