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Want to Buy a Giant iPhone that Can't Call? iPad wtf?

I've had many wars with Apple fanboys about how not everything Apple is grand, but few of them will see through the layers of plastic and over packaged marketing.  When I first heard about the iPad, I thought that somebody was doing some sort of Apple, menstruation accessory parody, but to my surprise it was real.  I went to Apple, did some reading and at the end I was left with this wtf, it's an overpriced giant iPhone that can't make calls and it's a netbook with no keyboard.  On top of that, if you want 3g data, that plan is in additional to the price.. why not just get a net book for half the price and tether your phone.. AND have a keyboard. 

I'm utterly perplexed by this need people have to want a touch screen everything and remove any sort of buttons.  Buttons are great!  The misconception is that I'm some sort of Apple hater!  I may not have a 23947239847 gen iPod but I have one, had an iPhone at one point and the battery life/fingerprints and shoddy email receiving drove me crazy.  I like how Apple dumbs down technology to make it user friendly and pretty at the same time but this whole iPad nonsense is something else. 

Just the ergonomics alone irk me.. they give you a virtual qwerty keyboard, but if you want to type on it home row, you have to lay it flat, as not everyone's thumbs can comfortably ease across the 10" display.  In addition to that the back is rounded so if you set it flat, it can teeter.  The only reason I called it a giant iPhone that can't call, instead of an iTouch is because of the 3G capability.  I can almost compare it to carrying around a digital picture frame.

Save your money, get a Netbook for more hard drive space and less money.

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