Awaiting the MOTHERSHIP of all SPORTS Weekends!


There comes a time every year where all the stars align; I'm talking about big sports weekends. Having the potential to capture imaginations of fans. This weekend is no different with UFC 109 and the Super Bowl. One being a great fight card, and the other being a showdown of the top 2 teams in the NFL over the course of the season.

The UFC Card is one of the better cards we've seen in a long while having 2 UFC Hall of Famers Randy Couture, and Mark Coleman squaring off. Also with the likes of Nate Marquardt and Demian Maia fight, it should prove to be an exciting card. One I'm sure UFC is looking forward to, previously having some lackluster fight cards over the past few months.

Time for the biggest game of the year; The Super Bowl. A showdown between the Indianapolis Colts vs the New Orleans Saints, 2 of the best teams in their respective division. We haven't seen a game like this since the 1994 where the Dallas Cowboys (12-4) faced off with the Buffalo Bills (12-4). . With an Indianapolis win, it will cement the legacy of Peyton Manning; one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. With a New Orleans win, we can expect to see a great team for years to come, and establishing the elite status of Drew Brees. All I know is that it will be a great game to watch and see what unfolds.

What are your memorable sports weekends ?

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