Kevin Smith Kicked Off Southwest for Being too FAT!

Being a celebrity doesn't always mean special treatment. Kevin Smith, screenwriter, film producer and director (also known from the Jay & Silent Bob Movies), was kicked off of a Southwest airline flight yesterday for reasons of being too fat!  Kevin Smith stated the he acknowledges that he is a fat man but not quite that fat.  He was able to buckle his seat belt without an extender and lay the arm rest down as well.  Keeping in mind that Kevin Smith had purchased 10 tickets and he usually books two seats, on this flight he was on standby and needed to fly earlier, so was only able to get one seat. 
In outrage (which I would be too) he took to his twitter and blog to vent the details on what happened.  Apparently being the media conscious folks that they are, they sent in a mediator to perhaps nullify the situation, (a lady named Linda of course).  They always send women to calm tense circumstances because apparently it's much more difficult to get madder at a woman than a man and we have calm voices.  I can honestly say that as a woman, a calm voice is the last thing I have.  Linda from Southwest went back and forth with Kevin with statements from individuals surrounding him about how they had to accommodate to his size by leaning, yet these women were never interviewed.  It was never quite clear how they attained these statements then. 

Kevin received a refund for his fares but he was looking for a statement that said "he wasn't too fat to fly!" in which he never received.  I can empathize with that request.  It astounds me that for something so minor, and just to give back a little bit of a man's dignity they just won't come out and say "Kevin We're sorry, you weren't too fat to fly and it's our mistake!"

I feel Virgin Airlines may be on the rise after this incident and atleast they have on board entertainment.

To read Southwest's apology and explanation click here:

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