Logorama Branding Gone Wild

Branding is one of those key slices in the pie of a successful business and venture.  Whether it's the signature Helvetica font, the colors, or the visual saturation, there is a science and art behind logos and branding.

Logorama is a short animated film that that congests 2500 logos together, making a witty commentary on corporate America, consumerism and how much advertising we are saturated by.

Here's what Mark Wilson from Gizmodo had to say:

1. It's beautifully animated.
2. There's extraordinary cleverness in each frame—you just can't expect to take it all in with one viewing.
3. By the end, you are not bothered by the fun fast food logos or references to AOL or Microsoft. You're frightened by the logos you could identify without ever having given the company any thought in your day to day life. You're frightened by the familiarity of all the strangeness. (At least, I was.)

By French design collective H5, Logorama is worth taking the 15 minutes or so running time out of your lunchbreak (there is some potentially NSFW language).

I definitely agree as the film did not deliver a serving of something we weren't already aware of, but as an artist and someone who works a lot with brand management and marketing I found it clever and refreshing.

How many logos do you recognize?

click to view on Logorama's website.  

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