NFL vs MMA? Chuck Liddell and Ochocinqo


I was doing my late night net surfing through twitter and came accross a conversation between Chuck Liddell and Chad Ochocinco which was quite interesting. 

Someone posed a question to Chuck on if he'd ever consider fighting Ochocinco (Cincinatti Bengals wide receiver) for charity to donate to the Haiti relief fund.  I must say that's one fight I'd pay to see! After the twitter drama between Ochocinco and Shawne Merriman, I was not surprised at Ochocinco's reply "@chuckliddell fight you, i'll beat you to a pulp and use your roundhouse kick then chocke you out into submission."  What a guy, I'm sure it's all in good fun but at least he's fearless. 

With all these stories of football players being wife beaters (Steven Jackson) or dog fighting (Michael Vick), it makes me wonder if they relinquish enough aggression on the field.  Probably not as they'd end up receiving a flag for the slightest graze of a mask or finger hold on a shirt. 

It would be an interesting concept though, NFL vs MMA in the octogon/ring and on the field.  How would MMA guys do playing football?

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