UFC 110 Where the Main Event Comes Second

 I was in Vegas for New Years with friends praying for a fight card like the ones we're about to have.  Although I'm extremely anxious to find out if Cain Velasquez's heavy hits can put a win over Minotauro Nogueira's experience, I'm more excited for the co-main event.  Wanderlei Silva vs ugh Michael "the is shit talk way too much" Bisping.  
Dana White posted the above image tweeting "Wandy and Bisping BAD BLOOD!!!!"  Intense indeed but honestly, who doesn't Bisbing have bad blood with and who hasn't he pissed off with his overzealous and cocky demeanor.  

It is safe to say, I'm routing for one of my favorite Pride Champs, Wandy the axe murderer!  Here are my picks for tomorrow night (and on the past few cards I've been pretty accurate).  Although on UFC 109,  
I have no idea what happened with Nate Marquardt.  (I skipped some of the fights to make room :))

I know many people think Cain is this heavyweight sensation, and i'll admit he's had some pretty impressive fights but regardless I don't think he has the experience that Nogueira has.  We all know how I feel about Bisbing so I'll leave that one alone.

 Fail shortened Screen Shot FTW!  Is it just me or that the most cut you've ever seen Keith Jardine in that picture.  I don't think I've ever seen him with abs that cut.  If he walks into the octagon soft and  anything less then ripped like the picture, I'll know that UFC employs the same artists that made the men in "300" look so amazing.  I know you don't see the image here, but between Joe Stevenson and George, I got Stevenson.  Wow my picks are left heavy.  I've always liked Stephan Bonnar and Chris Lytle and being that I'm "Pride" biased, I'll always route for Cro Cop, no matter how many groin hits or eye pokes he accidentally makes. 

Since football ended, any sporting event is held even more dearly now, since they're so few and far between.  On that note... HOORAH for Team Canada and winning against the Swiss.. (let's not give me a heart attack and make it so close next time ok!

update to clarify:
a friend pointed out that many of these character profile images are old, and I know that one of Jardine is one of em.  Regardless I should rephrase that I don't ever remember Jardine totally cut like that.. he's always had this extra bit of something in his tummy, like when people lose massive weight.  See below. ufc 66 and and current profile pic.  Btw.. this isn't meant to turn into a physical appearance debacle.. i still love the guy and as unorthodox as he is, the guy can fight!

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