Karma Packs a Punch.. Literally.


There comes a time when karma comes through on a beautifully decked out golden horse. No better example then the one that took place the other day when Evander Kane of the Atlanta Thrashers KO'd Matt Cooke, arguably dirtiest player in the NHL.

Let's rewind to look at a little back story, and what made this punch was so magnificently deserved.  Approximately one month ago, Matt Cooke hit Marc Savard, another hockey player, in the head which resulted in a concussion.

It was a clean hit by NHL standards, but definitely not a clean hit by anyone elses. It was a blind side hit, targeting the head. Many players and fans have spoken out about this hit, saying that there should be no tolerance for this hit in the NHL. This is a little different then your prized quarterback cry baby'ing about being sacked a little rough *cough* Tom *cough* Brady, this is about really setting guidelines to prevent dirty game playing and intentionally harming other players. 

See the video for your self.

So this brings us to what happened the other day when Evander Kane, an 18 year old rookie obliterates Matt Cooke in a fight.  See the fist of magic below.

I must have watched this video 10 times, each time with a smile on my face. Matt Cooke is a dirty player, and got what he deserved. Karma does exist :D

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