Pre-Fight Twitter Drama

Nothing hypes up an upcoming fight more than a little snide drama between to rival fighters.  Yesterday both UFC fighters, who are scheduled to fight on May 29th, to settle a score that didn't happen last Dec 12, started a debacle via twitter. (Click images above to enlarge)

I'm unsure who started it, but the first message I saw from from Rampage on his twitter, sent an open message to Rashad Evans saying "I find it very funny that @sugarashadevans thinks me not fighting Dec 12 had anything to do with him." Which continued with messages from Rashad saying "@SugaRashadEvans We'll see who got the heart in may cuz I promise u, u gonna run cuz u know u don't want to stand & fight with me." 

Finally when Rampage scoffed at Rashad saying "@SugaRashadEvans Hahaha... You're so gay!", Rashad replied with "@rampage4real aka "Quittin" speaking of gay u ever have that baby u were carrying 4 Tiki?Cuz yo' belly was looking like Big Country's!!

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