Manny Pacquiao to Fight in November

The million dollar question that everyone has been asking is "Why is this fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather taking so long to fall into place."  The thing is that when you have two of the world's best fighters about to go toe to toe, there's a lot more riding on the fight then just bragging rights.  Between promotions, requests, management, scheduling, THEN egos and immense pride, getting everyone on the same page moves at a glacial pace.

The pebble in the shoe causing all the cursed pain between both fighters is that Floyd Mayweather is requesting that prior to the fight, he wants both himself and Manny to go under Olympic style drug testing, which requires a blood test.  In Las Vegas the "State Athletic Commission does not require blood draws for boxing matches" mainly urine tests.

Fans are all irate thinking "WTF just fight already," but I understand where Floyd is coming from, he's not asking Manny to do anything that he isn't willing to do himself.  The issue is that Floyd wants to dictate when this test takes place and Manny is willing to adhere to the blood testing but just not prior to the fight because he feels it will weaken him.  Again, there's nothing wrong with being absolutely sure about your opponent, because when you win you want to know for sure it was based upon fair grounds.  I see both fighter's positions but something's gotta give.

So what happens now?
Bob Arum met up with Manny on home base and he basically says that Manny will fight in November. When asked about the engagements with the other party (Mayweather's Camp) Arum says, "I don't want to get into that, only to say that there is a plan.  I don't want to get into what's happening but there are things happening on the ground."

It's the fight everyone wants to see, and we just have to sit tight and wait.  With these two fighters believing they are the best, I'm sure they'll do everything possible to make it happen as well.  Egos, pride and politics, all require heavy pushing to make changes.  

My concern is what happens to boxing after this fight of the century?

Photo via Top Rank

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