a Short Intermission to Work

Many of my creative friends often ask me what music stimulates the colors, layouts, and designs that come out of my head.  The music I listen to when I write is much different then the music that infuses me with visual inspiration  to make art.  I'm going to start posting a signature song daily, because it always happens that during my day, one signature song will either spiritually uplift me, inspire me, or absolutely define what I'm feeling.

It's not always snob worthy, and sometimes my music selections can seem a bit obscure, but while some find solace and creative energy through doves or clouds, an intricate string of notes, or a subtle shift in a singers voice can revitalize the cells in my brain.

So for the song of the day, it's an instrumental cover to Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy, by the Vitamin String Quartet, followed by One by Metallica.

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