Back to the World That's Falling Apart


Although I'm fully aware that oil continued to desecrate our oceans, and that natural disasters were taking place while I was away, but there's something about the walls of Vegas that make it seem like a separate entity from the rest of the world. Coming back to the real world, work, disasters and all was mayhem and incredibly unforgiving. (image from Guatemala Sinkhole from volcanic eruption then storms).

In Vegas, time stands still, until you have to catch your flight back home, and opulence is just another daily standard.  When I came back the typical sequence of questions flooded, "OMG did you party?" "Got any crazy stories" "Did you go wild" and in truth, this last trip was enjoyed sober, smoke free (aside from second hand in the casinos) and more enjoyably Hangover Free!

 Nice, is an understatement as to how much better a trip is when you don't wake up feeling like death ravaged you and left you behind for vultures to consume.  We ate amazing food, and spent the weekend dedicated to UFC!!! Going into UFC 114, I was thinking that aside from the main event, the fight card was just ok, but man did the night hold great goodies.  I think the undercard was unexpectedly incredible, particularly due to Russow proving that fat men can KO the "hoighty-toighty" buff boys and anything is possible! Russow also provided a moral to the UFC 114 story that no matter how bad you're getting picked apart, you can always come back and give a knockout of a performance.  Awww how inspiring :D Who says fight based sports don't offer anything but blood and violence?

I've been hearing all sorts of noise calling Russow's last hit an "epic hammerfist", but I think that hit would be better described as a wonderfully hilarious "epic hammer cat paw". 

But yes, the UFC 114 was a great fight night and the expo was AMAZING!  Met a lot of the fighters, got to have convos, take pictures, bought some cool gear and I promise promise promise, photos with details are coming soon!  I'm still stunned at the pictures I was able to take with my uber polite ninja skills.

But as for the current state of my world, I've been catching up on design work, my personal portfolio, and brewing some massive guts to venture forward.  As a patron on the green train, I'm in angst and disbelief with the rest of the world at the damage that is continuing to happen with the oil spill

Here's some vids on the top kill, and an animated explanation at how the oil spill occurred.

This week is packed with events for work, but I'm quickly organizing my time so that I can get back into my fitness schedule.  So hello world and next up UFC pictures, quotes, and more.

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