An Alter-Ego Blast From the Past

I recently had an online bud ask me for my Steam acct handle for some Left for Dead 2 action, then followed by asking if I had an xfire account.  Instantly it was as if I got knocked in the head with a zerg rush of memories of how many times Ventrilo failed us during clan matches, and how good ol xfire was. Always reliable and offered awesome ways to screen shot in game.

It's honestly been YEARS since I've used Xfire so my stats are not accurate at all, especially Half Life 2 < 1 hr, no way! It's just HL2 was a solo kinda game, so there was no need to be logged on to xfire while playing. Also my WC3 should be sitting somewhere around 800+ hours haha.

Being reminded of all this in addition to getting new monitors yesterday, has left me feeling a little nostalgic, thinking back to days packing up my heavy monitors/box to lan parties, staying up playing for entire weekends with about 3 hrs sleep, getting excited over a new mouse or keyboard and etc.

Ahh but as life would have it, we all grow up and time gets scarce.  I'm lucky now a days if I can even get a one chapter of L4D2 in, or a checkpoint in other games. 

Note: All handle names and SNs have been removed for privacy.. yup I actually keep some aspects of my life separate from my online and blog life. It's just funny that it's the gaming/hobby side.

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