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Although I've been tweeting and facebooking comic-con pix, I saved the superhero best for my readers.

Ok maybe not the best, but after running around the con as Gogo all day, holding a chain and tonnes of gear, it's nice to collapse on a bed and wear a mask. I imagine this may slightly be how Spiderman feels after a long day. Relaxed but with the mask, still a lil superhero'ish.

I actually got escorted by security today to check in my weapon (massive lols) but in hearing how someone got stabbed in Hall "H" with a pen, it's apparent that nerd rage can make anything a threat.
I got some great pix (high res will be posted later), made friends w fellow geeks on the trolley, got awsm comic book previews and even a signed mini poster by Marvel vs Capcom 3 producer Ryoto Niitsuma.

I'm enjoying comic-con while it's still here bc who knows what city will buy the con next. So I'm just resting up and checkin in, time to gogo and check out the city.
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