A Slight Intermission and Frames of Thought


Taking 5 minutes this evening from work, meandering through the internet and of course being creative, I was inspired by this young boy and a guitar, to breath and reflect. I absolutely love and adore this arrangement of "Hit the Road Jack." It has an air about it that is reminiscent of the guitar solos in songs by The Eagles. 

Despite the fact that I have a Kick-Ass job which allowed me to spend a good amount of time at comic-con, it's no surprise that 90% of my life is work.  My schedule begins with me heading to the game studio, being creative throughout the day, finding dinner, then working through the night till about 1-2am.  Somewhere between that routine, I tweet, blog, play games, read comics and etc.  The funny thing is that when I share this with friends and clients, they look at me perplexed and ask "why?"  As a freelancer there's two modes of living, free as a bird eating ramen or insanely busy eating souffles.  I've tried it many ways and it always turns out that I'm either completely absent of work or overloaded, and mentally I function better with many things to do.  Give me nothing to do and I'll end up blowing up the world, give me too much to do and I'll build cities; or paint them anyway. haha.

BUT, yes big BUT, the one thing that all this working has led me to miss and realize is that I haven't been doing enough personal art.  I'm pretty sure I've been saying that for years, but my line of work now has me strictly focusing on the creative and constant inspiration needs fuel.  So tonight I'm pulling out the guitar and tomorrow the sketch book. I got my new red glasses and a re-visited frame of thought. 

I'm getting to the upload process for my comic-con photos, there's about 200 more I need to upload but as a little teaser you can visit my facebook album here.

I'm finally almost done editing and sorting through my thousand pictures from UFC fan expo and those will be loaded soon as well! Ciao friends, love you all! 

p.s, who's going to UFC live on versus this weekend for the Jon Bones Jones fight, that's right moi! :D 
with comic-con done, the sports blogs are coming back!

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