Sweet Soothing

Dear fellow fight fans,

After a night of lackluster UFC 119 fights, I'm emotionally bandaiding with mini cupcakes. While the cheers for Mir were robust, aside from his Tiger Knee in the third round his performance was dull. I can't wait for him to lay under Brock and block with his face again.

Most of my picks were right but snore. I expected more out of Lytle/Serra but their respect for eachother at the end was awe inspiring.

My fight of the night would be Sherk/Dunham. Man Dunham may be young and not as experienced but the guy is ferociously tough. People were booing Sherk and in the bets he was a major underdog. I think people forget that the only people Sherk has lost to are big names. It was close, but I called Sherk and stand by my pick.

Tomorrow it's fball sunday to close out an epic weekend.

Ps Cro Cop walking out to Wildboys was epic win. Cheers all and Happy Bday G!
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Diana Le

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