Hump Day Eats

Dear Foodie,
It's been a busy work week that shows no sign of slowing down but Hump Day means Noms Day! Back during the days of Alias and Heroes, my pals and I used to hold weekly cook nights where we would try out new recipes from every culinary region of the world.  Sometimes we'd make magic, other times we had to use the "take out" card as plan B. 

Being a food snob and my own iron chef, as much as I enjoy tasting the town, my favorite thing is cooking at home. 

On the menu tonight.  Pan Seared Mahi Mahi in a garlic basil butter, seasoned with dill, onion, lemon peppercorns, a 21 herb seasoning and a touch of olive oil.  Broccoli spiced with cumin for a smokey savory flavor and a basil rice cooked in a home made chicken stock.  Total cooking time maybe 30 min.  I always suggest marinading the fish for at least an hour prior to cooking. 

Please pardon the shoddy Blackberry picture and non fancy plating.  I always feel odd garnishing and making fancy plates for myself when I simply want to devour the good eats.

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