Dear Thanksgiving

Please forward to Santa my uber fantasmic super sonic Christmas list :D

Ok well first I'd like to give thanks for the wonderful weekend of festivities, amazing noms (turkey and prime rib), the company of family and friends and mostly for all my wonderful blessings.

It's crazy how once Halloween is done, the rest of the year seems like one quick roller coaster ride to the big new years bang.  I'm still waiting for that tingly holiday feeling, that I used to get right at Thanksgiving, to kick in.  It seems that with age also comes a delayed reaction to all special days, birthdays included.  I'm hoping the chilly weather in NYC and a skate at Rockefeller center will spark the holiday feeling.
Till then, with my holiday shopping complete, I'd like to extend to Santa my wish list for the season, in no particular order and with all of equal salivating importance, I share:

Tesla Roadster

with a 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and the whole black on black sexiness, there aren't enough words to express why I love and yearn for this lady the way I do. 

Hermes Diamond and Gold Collier De Chien

With most jewelry, there's barely noticeable line between costume and luxe, the Hermes CDC in leather alone is a statement piece, but this rose gold with diamond encrusted pyramid stud cuff SCREAMS dollar signs and a plea for rough love.  At about $115k, even if I was a hojillionaire I couldn't do it, but if one happened to fall from the sky, I definitely wouldn't be turning it into the lost and found.

Patek Philippe Watch

While I may not be a watch connoisseur and my favorite way to tell time right now includes my Blackberry or my favorite $195  Michael Kors watch, I do appreciate the craftsmanship and history behind a Patek.  Although out of fear of damaging it by my clumsy ways, I'd never wear it and appreciate it through a bullet proof glass enclosure.

67 Mustang Fastback

I think this beautiful specimen has been on my xmas list every year for the many years of my teenage and adult life.  This one is not quite as unattainable as the others, but finding the perfect one in great condition is like finding your one mate in life, may take time and work but is completely worth it.  I'd name her: ********* (my secret heheh)

Some Ridiculously Lush Hotel Chain

I'd like to put as a disclaimer that I wouldn't be responsible financially for this hotel, or have to work in it, I would just own it,....... hmm maybe I should redo this and say I'd like to just have a limited edition free pass to stay at any hotel I want forever. :D

Since we're dreaming away, let's throw in a few jets, a boat and Mars as well haha.

But in all seriousness, floating back down from the clouds, for this Christmas, I'm just hoping that the next year will just as good or even better than this one was, professionally, spiritually, personally and more.

So here's to kicking off the holiday season, sports, fights, events and all. <3
I'm working on loading photos from Toronto and then I'm off to NYC.

L.A you'll always be like my second home and I'll see you again soon.

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