Guess Who's in Game Pro Magazine?


I can't think of a better way to kick off the New Year than by opening up the GEARS OF WAR 3 edition of Game Pro magazine and seeing my design on Page 5 for a game in which my art is also in. For those wondering who the beautiful gal is in the ad, she is one of my favorite WPT Royal Flush Girls, Melanie Iglesias

World Poker Tour Hold 'Em Showdown is live across all mobile carriers, but will be launching on iPhone very soon (w/ my menu design)  You can also see my rotating banner for our Facebook game on

Now of course this isn't just a shameless plug, but sharing the excitement with my readers.  Some of you have been there since I was making crappy sketches, taking oil painting classes and designing Myspace pages.  Someone recently said to me "your reaction to seeing your work publicized is like you've never seen it out there before, does it ever get old?" How I know I love what I do is it never gets old.  Whether it's a banner, an e-commerce site, an ad in a magazine or my painting hanging in my g/f's spa, I always let out a little piggy squeal of joy when I see it live and in action.  Though you'll never catch me saying my work is any good haha, there's always something that coulda been done better.

So call me superstitious or a starry eyed dreamer, but I think this year is gonna be a good one.  To have my design in the same publication as my favorite game (Gears of War) is just one big kick-ass-make-me-emo sign :D AND even IF.. a very big huge giant IF, decades from now, my work ends up in  Times Square rotating circles around me, or in a blockbuster movie, I'll still squeal like a kid who's never seen it happen before. 

Happy New Years  and <3

my ad on the back cover of Star Trek Mag

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