Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

I snapped this picture via Blackberry when I was out celebrating one of my girlfriend's birthday, at Dick's Last Resort.  Amidst the drunken foolery and airborne missiles of napkins, with Elvis playing in the background, these two lovebirds were having their moment. 

Everyone kind of just stopped and stared in awe at the two people who could care less if anyone else was there.  A guy friend of mine commented "I hope I have moves like that at his age." I've looked back on this photo a few times and while there are sonnets I could quote or words from famous plays that could provide an adequate caption for it,  I'll let the man's charming smile and the couple's tender hold, provide the expression. 

While I'm usually not one for uber romance, I just love the idea of letting the world's chaos fade to black and enjoying the company of someone you adore.

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