a Reminder to Love

Valentine's day to me always generates this endless battle between those who are in relationships and those that declare it as "single's awareness day."  Like my other favorite holidays, I don't think that February 14th is necessarily a day about reservations to fancy places, jewelry from Tiffany, being single, a couple or even in some triple action. 

I think February 14th is another day dedicated to love.  While the world is in shambles, and there's trouble in the news everywhere, it's a nice day to put a little extra emphasis towards people we care about.  What may have started out as, or may be thought of as a day for couples to celebrate, I think is just about celebrating love. 

For those couples out there, keep the love and understanding going year round.  No point forcing the love for one day when you spend the rest of the year being mean to one another.  I think Kevin Bacon gave the best advice for relationships "keep the fights clean and sex dirty."

So while, i'm working tonight and enjoying a glass of wine, i'd like to share with you all an American Idol story that someone shared with me, about a guy with a beautiful voice that sings for his fiance who is fighting brain damage from an accident.  See video below, it's a great vday tear jerker. 

As always to the few of you that actual read my blog ;) I love you all! If any of you follow my facebook or twitter you'll notice that I'm calling it "love day".  So Happy Love Day to You!

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