and if You Don't Know, Now You Know


If I were to add an FAQ to this blog, one of the top questions would include "What's this noms business all about?" For those that have never heard the word "nom", rather than giving a lengthy definition, I'd like to direct you to here, here and here to get a general feel for the interesting onomatopoeia, and how it came to be.

Now that we have that out of the way, for me and this blog, I've decided to take that term and apply it to anything that's good, delightful, smile inducing and of course delicious.  Which brings me to, what this blog is all about... Me!  My blog title "The Daily Chow" came from my nickname Chowmut.

So while a good portion of my posts are about my adventures consuming food, I hope you also enjoy reading my random ramblings about sports, shiny objects, travels, epic wins/failures and more.

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