Postcards from Zia's Cafe


I can't describe to you how famished we were today after crossfit. Yet despite the abundance of available noms around the gym, the idea of sitting sidewalk in Little Italy, while enjoying the sun and breeze, was beautiful enough to starve a bit longer.

Zia's Bistro is right next to Nelson's Photo and has the usual Italian selections including, pasta, pizza, various antipasti dishes and more.

While their pizza is good, it definitely doesn't compare to Cafe Calabria. Their beef carpaccio however is light, fresh and quite nommy! My favorite though was the steak salad with roasted corn and walnuts.

Their pricing is around $9-15 avg per dish.

We always hop around and try different places around Little Italy, this one just happened to have a great atmosphere and the right amount of sun today.

Although I am a Nomster and food has been the name of the game lately, I have some fantastic posts coming of my recent trips. Vietnam included.

Cheers! I love this blogging on the go. Now to put the laundry in the dryer.


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