Postcards from Vegas Day 1


Despite coming here for almost 6 years in a row for New Years, as always, it's been pretty darned epic.

From the moment the car picked us up from the airport, to dinner, and dancing the night away, it's kinda crazy that it's not even new years eve yet.

We've been really lucky that we havent had to deal with loads of traffic, lines or other holiday chaos. Though trying to catch tonight's UFC fight was almost a bust. Man I was bummed to see Brock go down like that.

Tomorrow's another day and I'm determined to get some workout/lifting time in, despite being on vacay. We have a gala for nye, then it's catching fireworks and we'll see where the night takes us.

Also planned for the weekend is noms at botero, shopping, spa qua, hustler and whatever Vegas decides to bring.

Happy new years weekend again and hip hip huzzah to another great year gone by.

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