Botero Home Sweet Noms


With every city I travel to, I fall into quite personal love affairs with a few favorite food places, that I always have to visit when I'm back in that town.

In Vegas, one of the many loves includes Botero. We know the menu by heart, some years we may even even change up what we order, but there are a few must haves.

Any steak with their chimichurri sauce, the bay scallops, Hamachi tartare over crispy rice, sautéed mushrooms and my ever so beloved bone marrow.

This time we added crab stuffed garlic knots, ricotta gnocchi, jalapeno And shrimp stuffed calamari. It's love.

It's our last day in Vegas and we're making our rounds to our favorite eateries.

Happy New Year and it'll be back to SD soon.

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