I danced on the bridge, over the river yesterday evening, to the lights of Paris and the view of the Eiffel tower.

Just like in NYC, Parisians are unphased by a little bit of dancing craziness.

Whenever I travel, I've never been the type to wake early, jam pack the day with plans and try to see everything I can. If anything we've been sleeping in, walking slow and spending lots of time sitting in random places to drink a little Vin Chaud (hot wine), eating more street food and enjoying people watching.

I'll upload the dancing video when I can add the appropriate song.

It's off to more walking, taking pictures, eating and finding the Le Pont des Arts bridge.

Side note, after eating salami and chorizo from a butcher that cures his own meat, even the grocery packaged salami was paltry in comparison.

It already feels like Christmas here, not because of the Noel street market or the typical abundance of store marketing, but just the lights, sounds and crisp air make it feel festive.

I can't wait to load the slr cam photos.

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