Sous Le Ciel De Paris! France | London Photo Diary


We didn't wait in line to go up the Eiffel tower. I didn't set foot inside the Louvre, despite spending a monumental amount of time around it.  We didn't even see the inside of Notre Dame in its entirety or splendor. 

What we did do..

Walked the city streets when it rained. Re-discovered the French language, that I thought was lost to me. Sat under the Paris night skies, watching the clouds, while people were sleeping.  Woke up just in time to see the sun set, every museum close, and drink espresso.  Made friends with Italians at a nearby table, to discuss the beauty in Neopolitan pizzas. Discovered a French/Jamaican dive bar with 5 Euro Stellas.  Had every type of Pate.  Discovered that baked pastries, croissants in particular, are marvelous for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Listened to music and slow danced under the stars on the lover's bridge. 

Became inspired to eat, read, create, shoot, draw and paint again. 

It's taken me way too long to finally sort through the photos and pick out my favorites.  It's funny, because while editing and looking through the photos, I could almost hear the melodies, bustle of the streets and smell the familiar scents again from the trip. 

Although I was only in London for two days, it was a blast meeting new friends, walking the streets and of course playing Tchaikovsky's overture in front of Parliament.

I miss Nice, the water, the air, the food.  The entire trip was magical and I truly can't wait to go back.

The blog has been quiet over the past couple months and that's because I've been training, working and neglecting my camera. 

It's nice to be back.

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