A Flight of Great Expectations: Farewell 2013


Most often, traveling to me is a lot like teleporting.  While the particles of my being stay in tact, I get on the plane, fall asleep and miraculously wake at my destination, as the wheels touch the ground.

Other times, like tonight, I wake for a brisk moment to look out the window, and just like that, for the next many hours, my mind is captured into a whirlwind of thoughts, intentions, memories and moments of silent awe.

Taking in the sight of one of the last sunsets of 2013 and then looking to a single star in the night sky, the inevitable end of year reflection begins. 

I find myself mentally flipping through the past months, not just relishing in the joyous experiences and wonderful memories created, but also finding appreciation for the subtle moments in between. 

The moments, that if presented within a highlight reel, may appear banal, but in actuality, were quite defining and pure. 

When I think of 2013, some of what I remember most, are the conversations I’ve been able to have with people.  Stories of survival, happiness, inspiration, life, youth and age.
So in these last moments of 2013, rather than rebelling and making intentions of setting no intentions, what I hope for most in 2014 is just to appreciate and remember “La Joie De Vivre… the Joy of Living.”

Wishing all of you a beautiful New Year! 

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