Postcards 2 from Kauai Hawaii


I've seen beautifully shot postcards, wallpapers and videos that collage the various breathtaking views of Hawaii, but it wasn't until I sat in the sand alone and watched the midnight blue sky illuminate by the golden sun rising, that I got it.

It was recently written that the late Philip Seymour Hoffman most ably "suggested that each of us [are] the sum of our secrets.." that when each of us return alone to our rooms, "all bets are off."

The camera was off, the phone put away, and that sunrise, for a moment, spotlighted every insecurity, joy, hope, fear, delusion and desire.

I'm never certain what's to be derived from moments like these, life altering decisions? or maybe that moment of clarity and a bit of awareness is its entirety.

 It's like falling in love.

The whole trip was composed with beautiful scenery, adventure, relaxation, laughter, beach escapades and of course copious amounts of eating. My biggest surprise at the end of the trip, were how few photos were taken, in comparison to other trips.

Though I'm looking forward to where the next flight or road trip takes me to, I think fondly of Kauai and will visit again.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman quote from:

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