Just the Way You Are - Hillcrest


The other night while editing, Bruno Mars came on my Pandora, and as his lyrics expressed admiration, adoration and astonishment towards a beauty and love like no other, I found myself lost in an array of daydreams.

Not of Ryan Gosling or walks on the beach, but of the unforgettable eating experiences I've had throughout 2014, some of my favorites being in Hillcrest.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me to "Taste n' Tinis", a neighborhood event, where restaurants and local businesses, open up their doors to serve up tiny bites and/or specialty cocktails.

While most places were just handing out random shots of some unknown colored vodka drink, some of the businesses really offered up a top notch experience.  The Buffalo Public house, seated each guest, and took the time to plate and prepare each dish.  Luna Grill, which in truth I never thought about stopping by until this night, served up a complete tasting (protein, carb, vegetable), and even gave out coupons for your next visit. (Their Mediterranean salad was really good).

It was a bummer that some places like Local Habit and Salt and Cleaver, began turning people away and ending the event a couple hours before it was supposed to be over.  (though they were overwhelmingly busy that evening).

What I truly enjoyed most about that evening was that it was an occasion to just walk all through Hillcrest, visit businesses that I may not usually stop into, meet different people, see the bright lights and just take in the festivities.

So.. Happy New Year!  I know it's 2015, and that the holidays were sooo a couple weeks ago, but my tree is still up, I still get doses of that tingly feeling and before another month passes, here's a last little little bit of holiday tinsel.

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