Brunch at Buffalo Public House


My whole world changed because of one piece of pizza. What really changed my life was the person that I got to talk to who made that, [and] what their life surmounted to. ~ Alton Brown 

A few sunny Sundays ago, I was invited here for brunch and you would never know from the outside, how warm and inviting Buffalo Public House is, the family history in the restaurant art and name, and how comforting the food is.  

We got to spend the morning with Henrique, Norah and their son Henry (quite possibly the most charming, charismatic and adorable baby ever), to learn about the origins of their restaurant theme, the Brazilian influences on their menu flavors and to see how magic happens in the kitchen. 

Throughout the restaurant and halls, you'll see photos and paintings of buffalo, which are in homage to their family's buffalo farm back home.

We had quite the array of food that morning, but I absolutely loved the fried chicken, the coconut pancakes, the french toast and their beer cocktails, specifically the Three Philosophers Ale with ginger beer and bitters.  

Another pleasant surprise was reuniting with of my favorite servers, from a previous restaurant, who changed my life on two occasions, with a slice of cake and a salmon bacon panini sandwich.  

That's the thing with food, it "is a switchboard, and it connects people unlike anything" else.

Thank you again to Henrique, Norah and especially baby Henry, I'll see you again soon! 

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