Canada in Noms


It's almost like tradition, that once December with its holiday dressings are in sight, we begin to marvel in astonishment at how hastily the year has come and gone.  This year, oddly and splendidly feels a little different.  Maybe it's the modest alcohol consumption, in comparison to years past, that's allowing for a better recollection of 2015's adventures, but this year's pace, though busy, felt steady :P

I spent a month, early in the year, visiting family and friends through Canada, starting in Edmonton, then to Calgary and then to Vancouver.  Since I'm headed back there for the holidays, for this Throwback Thursday, in absolutely no particular order, I wanted to share highlights from some of new places that we ate at.

Cafe Bicyclette  - adorable place to catch up with a friend, or read while enjoying coffee and a croissant.
RGE RD - the people are awesome, I loved the variety in meats and they make great drinks.
Won Jung Gak- Not new, but absolutely one of my favorites in Edmonton.  Get the Jajangmyeon noodles and nothing else :P

Mercato - this place has everything! But the carbonara pasta (i'm a simple person) and espresso were perfect for lunch.  GET THE DONUT in the deli section!!!
500 Cucina - definitely a new favorite!!! They make an awesome Bloody Mary.
L'Epicerie - not new, but I LOVE this place.. I usually spend hours here eating the pate, foie gras, and many other goodies.  I've written about it before here ""
Mango Shiva - Go here during a weekday off hour and sit by the window.  I really enjoyed eating here alone, having a variety of their small plates and a beer.
Charcut Roast House - the bison with chimichurri is so good.  Pricey place though and only a couple star dishes.  I did however enjoy their house made Mortadella.

Bao Down - I don't care if the food snobs scoff at me for putting this down. The "2 world's collide" bun and their beignets are the bees knees!
Guu Garlic Izakaya  - Really REALLY great food and I love that they had Monkfish liver.
Salmon n' Bannock - this place is so cozy and lovely, the people are so warm and the food really is simply delicious.
The Flying Pig - bone marrow!!!!
Cuchillo - very cool decor, the pork belly was my favorite thing there

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to come out and noms with me ♥ For those of you that know me, you know that my stomach isn't just a way into my heart, it practically is my heart!

It's off to NYC and I have butterflies of joy, as I love that city in the winter and during the holidays, then it's to Canada to see snow and ketchup chips.

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