The Dawn After.

The dawn after..
I’ve always wanted to open an entry beginning with something so epically cheesy as such. I can’t believe how long it’s been since taking some time to lay my thoughts down and just reflect. Believe me there has been plenty of moments of reflection, but nothing conclusive of course. In fact I’m not even sure where to begin. I guess I’ll take you back with me to the holidays and we’ll rest here in the present.

Movies, books and poetry have always displayed this strength in any given moment. How any second or minute at any corner can drastically change your life. What amazes me is at the end of each year I reflect back upon that year and see milestones of change and epic moments, but as I look back on the past few years as a collective it’s a blur. I do know one thing, I refuse to settle mediocrity and I am a shark in the waters constantly hunting for that blood scent. What that blood scent represents changes depending on the shape of my days and weeks. I’ve learned to pace myself a little better and not put the weight of the world on every detail.

As usual, I spent my Christmas with pals and headed up to Canada. There’s something about going home that is so comforting. It’s as if the moment I step off that plane and land home, all the stress in the world, the fast paced bustle, the constant hunt, and incessant list of “to dos” subside with the angled walkway as I ascend away from the plane. This isn’t to say I’m not still juggling tasks and wearing multiple hats, but there’s something about the view from the northern hemisphere that puts things in perspective. While in Canada I got to see familiar faces, experience familiar things, and was just able to find and enjoy my home away from home.

After xmas, I came back in time for new years and I was deathly sick. I mean so sick that friends had to drag me out for new years, which I’m grateful they did, because I’m not sure I would have wanted to miss a countdown.

So here we are settled nicely into the new years, and I have to say this has been one of the most interesting holidays I’ve had in quite some time. Interesting being the understatement of the century, and although it is cliché for resolutions and high expectations at the beginning of the year, I solemnly believe this year is going to be pretty epic. With projects, graduating from uni, and travel plans, I’m beyond ecstatic to see how things pan out.

With all this, aside from occasional outings and business events, I’ve been finding myself quite evasive and secluded within my own confinements. Literally I’ve been married to my PC, re-establishing networks, catching up on work, and just being chill. The funny thing about the path to our goals is that you’re on this freeway going straight at a certain speed, and sometimes you get so caught up in your destination that you pass by other cars, landmarks and such, not because you don’t care but because when your head is going a million miles a minute it’s hard to see everything. I guess at times it’s good to throw some anchors out and take some moments to just be and enjoy the scenery. I knew that on any path, whether that be one of redemption, success, discovery or anything that at times certain elements of my life would have to either be left behind or set aside.. but I truly hope that the key elements and people that matter stick it out.

So with that, I’m excited to see how epic this year will be, and am on the hunt once again.

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