Spring Summer 2009


My favorite trend this season are definitely looks inspired by the great depression era.

Usually as each season passes, I wait diligently to see what amazing
art structures will be sashaying down the runway. For spring summer
2009, I was absolutely moved and bewildered that haute couture and
ready to wear were almost interchangeable. Perhaps the majority of my
excitement is seeded in the novelty that for once, spring and summer
was more than just mini dresses, vibrant colors and florals. Instead
runways displayed majestic art forms inspired by the great depression,
geometric shapes, goddess style drapery for tunics and dresses, the
meld between sports/chic wear, and destroyed textures (denim/lace). My
absolute favorites were deep colors, asymmetrical fringe, and
structured fitted lines from the depression era, and the use of volume,
bows, and dynamic geometrical shapes, and of course
beautifully/intricately draped gowns accent any woman's figure well.

I'm still on the fence with YSL, Chloe's and Derek Lams uses of
voluminous pants that are fitted at the ankle, but Jean Paul Gautier
mastered it so well. He toned down the size of pant at the torso,
tossed out the vibrant ethnic prints (that I feel only Etro can pull
off), and combined it with a neutral one shoulder tunic. Bellissima!

Jean Paul Gautier mastering marrakech express!

I'm also not feeling the sports wear chic. The cage shoes are ferosh
but heels and velour, or tennis skirts will always rub me wrong. I
think it's from years of seeing women wearing velour juicy suits with
hooker heels at the mall.

So since I wrote an essay yesterday, I'll keep this one short! I'm
definitely inspired and am even more excited with fall/winter! Lanvin
is my love!

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