A Bajillion Things About Me

So, I haven't actually laid down some thoughts in a while, and have
been lazy by expressing myself in music, snide quotes and food. Yes
bubble tea, though many will disagree, does count as a food to me.
Recently, there has been an abundance of notes from everyone with
twentyfive random facts about themselves. Being the narcissistic, and
frequent writer I am, I decided to up the count to however many I feel
like writing. (Jokes on being narcissistic, but I do like things my
way). In the many 25 random notes I've read about random people, I've
read many interesting things and many blan things. I feel that if one
is going to take the time to think, write and share about oneself, make
it interesting, not pretty, and honest. So here we go.

1) I'm extremely anti-social, to those that disagree my defense is that
I function extremely well in social settings but enjoy many things
alone, like movies, food and etc.

2) I'm the world's most forgetful person and the biggest clutz, yes i'm
talking spilling water, noodles and stabbing myself in the thumb while
washing dishes type clutz! (happened tonight)

3) Despite finding myself in them, I'm not a relationship person. I
could have continued to live my life happily single, but once snagged,
behind doors I can be cheesy and sweet. (bleck... I h8 admitting this

4) Success, my profession whether that's managing the band, design
work, my job or academics, takes precedence over everything else. It's
been a hard pill for some to swallow on why my time and awareness has
been so evasive and non catering. But I think at the end, the good ones
will understand.

5) The best way to get a hold of me is either through email or text. I'm funny about phone calls.

6) I'm not that girl that hates girls, I'm that girl that doesn't
understand girls too well, especially the ones that sacrifice their
better self endlessly.

7) I'm absolutely ADD in the sense that I want to see and do everything. Once in a while i have to lay one of the hats down.

8) Games, Comics, Toys, UFC, Football (sniff.. season over), and cars.
For those that have seen my room, collections and how I spend my
pastime know this very well.

9) I have the best of friends and family.

10) I have this incessant and bittersweet routine of constant moments
of self discovery and epiphany's. It becomes quite draining, and
depressing to constantly evaluate yourself and see all the negatives in

11) Although this has been said many times, it's appropriate for this
note. If I were to describe music, Jazz would be my soul, Rock would be
my love and the rest would be my rhythm.

12) There was a period in my life where breakfast included cheetohs,
french fries, a chicken sandwich, oj and a redbull. Redbull and I have
this love hate relationship.

13) I don't believe love and relationships require searching, or
massive energy like a second job. The best ones truly just happen

14) My favorite movies with epic romances include, The Crow
(Love>Death), Fight Club (how he holds her hand at the end), Sin
City (when the priest asks if that dead slut is worth.. and marv goes
"worth dying for, worth killing for, worth going to hell for)

15) I LOVE LOVE asian food, I mean it's frustrating to my friends that if we go eat, 98% of the time it's gonna be asian.

16) Despite my ability to compartmentalize and turn on/off emotions... sometimes they creep out and I have emo/angry fits.

17) I hate to admit this, but despite my decent array of taste in
music, my tv taste is trash. I watch crap like a shot at love, I love
money, rock of love, real world road rules challenge.. tyra banks show,
and geez... hannah montana.

18) I HATE people that go to comicon to collect random free trash like
plastic bags and postcards, when there's so many superstar artists,
writers, and etc around to meet/greet.

19) Despite the fact that I love kids that belong to my family and
people I know, I don't awww and make weird noises/faces at random
people's children/babies. In fact sometimes I feel like people parade
their kids like glorified pets. Ridiculous outfits, and insane pressure
at activities included in my pet peeve against parents.

20) I used to hate warhol because I felt like his work was just
duplicated crap, but after reading more about him, I love him. Because
like him, art is my love and my business, and sometimes a piece doesn't
need to have such conceptual content or meaning driven from it, it's
meant to just be experienced.

21) I tread a fine line of being quite private and leaving enough of
myself public in order to network, get to know people and so forth.

22) Despite my lack of faith in humanity, I've met folks that never
fail to surprise me and help me regain that faith that good people do

23) I was a vegetarian for five years, and although I don't eat that
much meat, I've gone back to fish etc. I often feel guilty about it. Nuff said.

24) One of my favorite recent pastimes was sitting on failblog, funny
forums, while watching football and laughing uncontrollably.

25) Despite being forward and stern, I'm actually quite reactive. I vibe off of how people are, and respond accordingly.

26) When i was a kid, Astro boy was my imaginary friend and i think I even had a crush on him.

27) Despite my boyish interests, I'm the biggest fashion lover. I don't
view fashion as pretty labels to be shown off and such, but more like
an art. Lanvin, Galliano, Tom Ford, Goyard, are all fashion houses I
absolutely adore. On that note, I'll never understand why girls will
spend a bajillion dollars on a purse, but not on a shoe or scarf. Shoes
affect your posture, how you feel, and accessories complete an outfit.

28) I have this nervous habit of biting my nails or twirling my hair.

29) Scent is my favorite sense. How something smells can make me utterly nostalgic or make me fall head over heals.

30) I sleep with a bottle of water next to me and a chapstick under my pillow.

31) Yes i'm a crackberry addict.

32) periodically I have bad insomnia, it comes in waves and can last for months.

33) This goes without saying but I'm a giant geek.

34) I h8 him. he's abusive, demands sandwiches that i'll put anthrax in, and likes the worst football teams. HATE! ;)

So there you have it a bajillion things about ME!!! That's all.. man
this thing is an essay. Haha print it out, it'll make for good bathroom
reading material! :)

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