Where's Di

So as I'm submerged within a thought provoking discussion between, what seems like only three of us in a class, I felt like taking some time to lay thoughts down.
I don't blog as often as I'd like, and it's quite possible that it's probably because
I'm not an avid blogger that writes about every aspect of my struggles and victories, but rather would write about these events after the fact. I figure my on the minute blurbs and thoughts are good in 140 character doses on twitter or friendfeed :P www.twitter.com/chowmut for those that care to hear random outbursts of gears of war frustrations, traffic updates, thoughts on my random social encounters, and my neurotic love for bubble tea.

This delivers me back to myspace, the one and only place (for now) that I blog
and lay my thoughts down initially (then proceed to copy paste to fbook and etc). The irony in this is that I don't even spend that much time on myspace, my page barely gets any activity, and everyone I know finds me on facebook. Yet whenever it comes time to gather thoughts, reflect on recent events or just share
my latest epiphany.. here is where I put it all down. Which begs the question, where do you spend all your time?

I've been thinking of my activity for the past couple months and although in my own standards and compared to what my peers are used to, I've been
quite anti-social. Now let me begin by laying the disclaimer that my level of being
anti-social still has me out atleast a couple to a few times a week. Whether that be quaint dinners among a small group or single individuals, a night out on the town that actually ends at night and doesn't continue till 6 am, or my band's performance, it doesn't compare to what it used to be. There was a period where my personal and professional life (still is to some degree), was entirely intertwined. My weeks consisted of school, work, networking events, social events, band events, along with activities with friends. Needless to say, although I protested otherwise, I was socially burnt out by the end of last year.

To answer the previous question, I spend a very large portion of my time on the
internet. From my day job which involves net marketing, social media and more, to my own efforts in maintaining my branding, remaining visible, developing relationships and networking, all have me living and breathing the net. I think since the past few years of gaming, networking, and engaging in social media, I've developed a more active social existence virtually than in the outside world. This doesn't dilute my strong belief in social relationships and activity, but it does go along the lines of my opinions that the net is a powerful place for social interaction professionally and personally.

To some degree I've found a nice balance in my life between sleep, work, professional, personal, and more. My professional life will always take precedence over everything else, more so now than ever but I sleep when I need to, stay up when I need to, go out if I want to, and enjoy time at home to refresh, recollect and reflect. I've always been a shark, and will always coast the waters, but this time I'm just more selective in my taste. Friends, family, peers, and collegues, eventually everyone finds the right pieces that collaborate and fit to make the image you desire.

Cheers and HUZZAH! I'll be doing plenty of writing (more for work than personal), playing gears and sipping my bubble tea.

Since I haven't posted any images in my blog for a while, here's some recent outings from SF watching UFC, to L.A and SD, and

my favorite drink :P

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