My Video Game Resume

The big questions

1) Do you remember the first video game you ever played?
Some Apple game that looked like Alleyway or asteroids.

2) What was the first game that blew your mind?
Doom, indeed (like Matt) , or first mortal kombat on game gear, gore ftw!

3) What was your first video game system?
NES/Game Boy

4) Which game have you put the most hours into?
zomg w/ Caleague and tourney days, DOTA, wc3 for sure.

5) What is your greatest gaming achievement?
Actually finishing any of them, b/c I never do. That or how far we made it in CAL

6) What is your secret hidden shame?
First time I played MVC, I couldn’t tell the diff between the normal or assistance mode, so was playing then realized wtfoxers I’m on easy? No wonder supers were coming out left and right. :P

7) Have you ever canceled plans to stay home and play video games?
More times than I can count. I’ve been banned by some friends b/c of this.

8) Name a relatively bad game that, for some reason, you enjoy playing.
Omg where do I start. Oni, Prince of Persia on my Motorola phone, and oblivion (never finished)
Swat 4, I mean what’s this not shooting everyone nonsense. I must restrain him first? Baaah.

9) What game can you kick ALL of your friends' asses at?
Tekken (used to), and hmm hard to say, I have some talented friends.

10) What is the HARDEST game you've ever played?
Geeez.. Devil May Cry 2-now.. why they gotta make it so ridiculously hard.

11) Have you ever thrown a controller at a wall in frustration? If yes, what made you do it?
No, but when I died in either a DOTA tourney or CM, I punched my closet and my Optimus Prime box fell on my head.

12) Has a game ever scared the shit out of you?
FEAR FEAR FEAR!!! And *cough* doom3 at some point

13) Has a game ever made you sad?
Man, final fantasy 7 for sure, Gears of War 2 (shoulda finished before looking up end scenes, so sad)

14) Name one game that you've played that you think more people should have played.
Boulder’s Gate, Dark Alliance. DDR, for some reason most of my friends never got into it., except Richie.

15) Have you ever thought a video game character was hot?
HELL YAH! Kratos GOW, Marcus Fenix GOW 1&2, Jin Kazama Tekken, Jin MVC, Ryu SF!

16) What was the most awesome thing you've seen happen in a game?
Multiple Chainsaw action in Gears

17) Do you own any video game-related articles of clothing?
Street Fighter 2, Transformers (g1 cartoons, but hey they did make a game)

18) Have you ever stood in line/camped out for a new game or system?
Game yes, system no.

19) Have video games ever gotten you into trouble?
Many times, I think more lack of sleep than anything else.

20) What is your best/most fun memory of a game?
Probably some ahem epic fails. Staring at the wrong screen, going into war alone b/c SOMEONE was too busy hunting for ammo. OH OH on one of our first Cal matches, getting a double kill, than triple kill while invading base. I was luna, friend was dro, and someone else was maiden. Maiden cleared creeps, dro silenced, I released ulti, while bouncing weapon took care of those left behind. Needless to say it was pretty epic.

21) Did you listen to those “Winners don't use drugs” ads on arcade games?

22) What video game has had the biggest impact on your life?
Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Half Life 2, DOTA. All in different ways. SF was such a big part of my childhood, Final Fantasy for many reasons, and DOTA for the competitive aspect. But now I must say Gears… this game is up there in my epic list of games. Oh and Hl2 b/c I’ve played the damned thing so many times… lol

23) Have video games ever taught you a lesson or given you good advice?
Yes, sometimes it aint about the supers, if you can win w/ just punches, kicks and basic moves it’ll make you an epic player. And some stuff about teamwork and crap like that hahah j/k

24) What video game do you want to see remade for current systems?
Final Fantasy 7, MARVEL VS CAPCOM!!!,

25) Have you ever dressed up like a video game character, Halloween or otherwise (weirdo)?
Hmm.. I went to a party w/ spiked hair and was told I looked like Heihachi from Tekken.
Does gogo from kill bill count?


1) Video game system
PS2 for a while, 360 now.. Dreamcast of all time. :P

2) Arcade game
Tekken / Marvel vs Capcom 2

3) Action game
Does Contra on NES count for this? Boulders Gate Dark Alliance

4) Adventure game
Devil May Cry 1? God of War!

5) Role-Playing Game (RPG)
Final Fantasy, DOTA? Or is dota an mmo, I don’t consider it a RTS..

6) Fighting game
Tekken / Marvel vs Capcom 2

7) Sports game

8) Racing game
Tokyo extreme racing for Dreamcast

9) First-Person Shooter
FEAR, Half Life 2

10) Other shooter/light gun/flying game
Gears of War

11) Puzzle game
Tetris, puzzle fighter

12) Music game
Rock Band, Guitar Hero, DDR (what started it all, actually no, bust a groove started it all)

13) Multiplayer game

14) Online game
DOTA and at one point bf2 though I suxors now.

15) Favorite game featuring Mario
Super Mario 3 though I suck suck suck at Mario games.

16) Favorite video game character
Kratos/Marcus Fenix

17) Favorite boss fight
Any from God of War

18) Favorite ending
God of War 1, Gears of War 1, Tekken, Ryu in SF, FEAR

19) Favorite quote from a video game character
Oh so many from Gears of War 1 and Two. Myrrah: They do not understand. They do not know why we wage this war. Why we will fight, and fight and fight... Until we win... Or we die... And we are not dead yet.

20) Favorite Mega Man boss
hmm not sure on this one

Worst of the worst

1) Worst game you've ever played
Some other game like Boulder’s gate but wasn’t and sucked ass.

2) Worst game character
Iono bout just video game, but in general worst character ever must be Jubilee from x-men, so useless.
Gambler from DOTA.. wtf no items just money? So cheap!

3) Worst boss to fight
Pick one from Devil May Cry.

4) Biggest letdown
Final Fantasy 7 where it was focused around Vincent. Chrono Trigger for DS, maybe b/c I had more patience when I was younger, but all that walking around and talking just killed my patience.

5) Worst ending
Lol Super Mario. MGS2 gaah I remember this one, and Metroid Pinball

Desert Island Games – If you were stranded on a desert island with only 5 games, what would they be?

MVC2, DOTA, HL2+eps, Dibalo (b/c It’ll last forevaaar!), GOW.

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